We are website specialists with years of experience in internet marketing and consulting.

Unique Web Consulting is an LLC registered in the states of California and Florida and operating nation-wide. It is managed from Los Angeles, California, but our team members are spread across 3 continents. The internet and technological advances have allowed us to shorten the geographical distance and find the best people for the job even if they are far away.

We have a Google Places Specialist in Atlanta, video ranking expert in Canada, article writers in London, England, web consultant in Maryland, mobile website specialist in Colorado, social media specialist in Fresno, CA,  and a team in the Philippines.

Unique Web Consulting was founded and currently managed by Mr. Barak Granot, a trained business consultant with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. The combination of his experience in helping businesses to expand and prosper and his in dept knowledge of computer and internet, gives Mr. Granot a unique overview of your needs and ability to truly help your business flourish.

Dr. Jan Hale is a mobile websites expert. With long years of experience running his own veterinary practice, he has the knowledge and familiarity to help professionals in enhancing their business. In the last few years, Dr. Hale has been involved with internet marketing and is helping other businesses get more clients.

Dr. Jan Simpson has ran a successful Chiropractic practice and is now part of our team after specializing in social media. She brings her business skills and her special knowledge in tomorrow’s main focus – the social networks.


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