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Usually, internet marketers will try to rank your website on page 1 of Google. We are UNIQUE. We will do more than that, if this is what you'll ask us to do.

We have a service offering search engines domination on several listing on the first page, often excluding all your competitors from it (and if they are not there all the future clients find is YOU).

While we cannot promise a full page, appearing in 2, 3 and 4 spots on the first page increases your chances to be found by a lot more than just the sheer increase of visibility; it is establishing authority and people cannot avoid it. The reaction is "who is this company? they must be successful/ authority!"

To achieve that we use established methods, some are unique to us, that have been tested and proven. Yes, it takes effort, but it is worth it as you are all over where people are searching.

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In a nutshell, your ranking depends on 3 factors: the coding of the website, its content and the linking to it from other websites. This is very simplified, in laymen terms, but if you have that - you rank!

By "coding of the website" we mean what technology is used to build it, how fast it loads, website architecture, internal linking and more. These are things that website designers don't usually do and we need to fix. In some cases, as in flash websites, we need to set up another website parallel to the main one.

Bill Gates has coined the phrase "Content is King" and it is true. The search engines are looking for the content on your site to establish the relevancy for the search term as well as authority or lack of it. We use the content with combination with internal linking and other coding methods that helps you getting found.

Links are the #1 factor in SEO and it tell the search engines other websites has found your site important and relevant. It is similar to your "connections" in the real world but it is not static - you have to build it gradually and steadily. Similar to real world connections, it is not quantity but quality that is important.

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We build websites that rank! One of the biggest mistake that 9 out of 10 businesses do is get a nice looking website, designed by the best designer but it is not SEO friendly and therefore no one sees it...

Would you want the best looking business card but you are not allowed to show it to anyone?

We know how to integrate the SEO elements on the website as we set it up and we build it on the best platforms. We make sure you are all set from the get go and you will not pay double - first to a designer and then to us for fixing it....

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Any business owner knows that the most valuable asset is your clients database. However few really use it effectively. Most just send "Happy Birthday" greeting once a year and while this is better than nothing, it is not enough.

You want to be in someones mind when he needs your service or has a friend that he can refer to you. For that you need to send him a reminder at least once a month. To make sure you are compliant with the spam regulations, it needs to have beneficial content and the subscribers need to confirm their subscription in a certain way (electronically).

We create a call to action to get website visitors to sign up to your list and manage all the subscriptions and requests for removals to protect you. We also hire a copywriter to compose an article for you to be sent every month to your list.

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Facebook has passed Google in 2010. The search engines are looking more and more on your visitors interaction as a measure of your authenticity as an active business and authority.

The word is that in 2011 the weight that social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter will increase significantly and will affect your rankings. Already you can see that a lot of people spend time on Facebook.

Do you have a fan page? Is it set up that new visitors see a nice, designed graphics to welcome them or do they see the wall? Do you have a method to "force" them to like the page? Do you capture their email address on the fan page so you can send them your promotions?

Check out our fan page to see what we are talking about: www.facebook.com/uniquewebconsulting